Series 100 Valves



Standards revisions requiring more robust safety controls on fuel trains are just around the corner. Suited to both new equipment and retrofits of existing systems, these certified valves offer effective control, increased safety and put you ahead of the curve.

Reliable Pressure Control and Shutdown for All Fuel Gas Applications

The Combustex Series 100 C/I Standard and Proof of Closure Safety Shutoff Valves are designed for safety and efficiency. The Standard Valve offers throttling (proportional) or on/off control of low pressure liquid and gas flow. The P.O.C. model serves as a main shutdown valve and provides additional verification of valve closure through an electrical switch.

These “fail-closed” valves were specifically developed to be C/I Safety Shutoff Valves in compliance with CSA B149.3-05, CSA 6.5-05 and ANSI 21.21-05, meeting or exceeding the requirements for safe operation of fired heaters.

With tapped vent ports, sealed spring cases and HNBR sealing components, the Combutex Series 100 C/I Standard and Proof of Closure Safety Shutoff Valves are designed and approved for use with either air or natural gas as the diaphragm operating medium.

These valves are capable of effective operation in a wide variety of applications and industries where on / off control and a positive seat seal are required.

Key Features

  • Proof of Closure

    A uniquely designed diaphragm assembly on the P.O.C. model allows over-travel after valve seat closure to provide true proof of closure. The explosion-proof SPDT dry contact switch provides either normally open or normally closed action for control purposes.

  • Balanced Plug Design with Soft Seat

    These features enable the valve to provide high flow and full bubble-tight shutoff over the complete pressure range of the valve.

  • Corrosive Fluid Compatibility

    Thanks to the standard 316 SS valve plug and cage material, this valve is capable of effective operation with a wide selection of corrosive fluids and gasses

  • H2S Gas Service Compliant

    Optional materials are available for NACE MR-01-75 compliance.

  • Ease of Maintenance

    Actuator disassembly is not required to service the process sealing components. The valve plug, cage and seat sealing components can be easily accessed simply by removing two body bolts.

  • Ease of Installation

    Compact, lightweight construction permits installation in close quarter applications.

  • Leak Protection

    With double block and bleed designed packaging, process fluids cannot weep into the actuator cavities or vice versa.

  • Natural Gas Actuated Capability

    The actuator diaphragm, seals and spring case are designed to allow for use with air or natural gas as the actuating medium. All vents are tapped 1/4” NPT, enabling leaked control gases to be piped away to a safe location.

  • Visual Indication of Valve Position

    With a brightly colored indicator, the position of the actuating diaphragm provides the operator or service technician an easy guide to the position of the valve plug.


Standards & Certifications

  • ANSI Z21.20 - 2005
  • CSA 6.5 - 2005
  • ANSI / ISA 12.12.01 - 2007
  • CSA 22.2 No. 213 - M1987
  • Class 1, Div. 2 Groups B, C and D Haz. Loc.
  • Temp. Code T6 NEMA Type 4